In January and February of 2009, I took part in an on-line writing program lead by Kathy Page. I enjoyed it. I learned a tremendous amount, both from Kathy and the other participants. But it left me questioning whether or not, I should write fiction. I don’t know if I will ever write fiction at the level of some of the authors that I so admire. More importantly, I am unsure as to whether or not I have a calling for it.

But that does not mean that I regret participating in the workshop. I highly recommend Kathy’s workshops for anyone who is writing fiction. But I have wondering whether or not my urge to write fiction is better employed in addiing “stories” to the professional development writing that I do. I know that is a highly effective way to reach out to people in such programs.

It’s all a bit of an academic question anyway at the moment. With the change in the economy, I have had to focus on my consulting business. That has become a full time endeavor for now. Once those issues have resolved themselves, I will come back here. But then, I will probably move this blog to WordPress, especially since it allows me to add features like comments and polls so easily.

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