you know exactly
what you are doing
wearing that short leather skirt
a tailored white blouse
a white cotton bra
on a day like this
where we will be together all day
sharing social spaces

you know perfectly well
that each time I look at you
my mind will skitter away
from what I am doing
to images and memories
remembering and planning
running together in my mind

I fantasize what will happen
when we are at last alone

I move you to stand in front of me
rucking the leather of your skirt
up above your waist

then I spin you
laying you down
your stomach over my thighs
my ass hard against
the kitchen chair we use

I always start by wondering
at the sight of
the globed rounds of your bottom
split in two
by the narrow black cotton
of your thong

I will place one hand
between your shoulder blades
and softly use the other one
stroking your ass cheeks
priming this part of you
that I love so much to
looking and touching
a slow sigh of glory and thankfulness
sliding out of my mouth

then you move things up a notch
thrusting your stomach down against me
your genitals rubbing against
the outside muscle of my thigh
your movement giving permission
to the need that comes
from deep inside of me

I begin with a soft hand
slapping first one cheek
and then the other
stopping from time to time
to stroke and to fondle
steadily building up
the pinkness of each cheek’s skin
and the warm it radiates
back into my hand

as I do
you move more determinedly
against me
I begin to feel the need
to hold you down with the hand
in between your shoulder blades

you time your squirming
to the pace and the sound of my hand
landing on your bottom cheeks
bringing on the flow of my blood
thickening lengthening my penis

as I stiffen into hardness
the pace and the force
of my hand on your bottom swells
until there is
a constant staccato of contact and sound
changing pink skin into red
increasing the heat
radiating out of your butt
into my hand

I need to push hard now
to hold your shoulders down
your squirming increasing
with the rhythm and the sound
of my hand on your bottom

and so we go on
till from somewhere
deep inside you
brought on by the pressure
of your clit and lower lips against my thigh
and the force of my hand on your bottom
your orgasm explodes into your body
taking us both beyond
I rock and follow you
into our shuddering shared release

as we both come down
we end up with you
sitting on my thighs
your face tucked into my neck
your arms around my shoulders
and mine around yours
so profound a connection
body to body
mind to mind

all day
these images come into my mind
distracting me from the people
and the things I need to pay attention to

at times
when I come back out my mind
to the here and now
I look over at you
and see you smile
just a little smile
at the corner of your mouth
you know full well
where I have been
deep in the inner
privacy of my mind

so we both
go through the day
anticipating what will
happen when we get home
sharing a connection
which adds so much spice
to who we are together

Shepherd's Revenge

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