The Suzan Frazier / Hob Hoberly Novels

Suzan Frazer and Hob Hoberly have been alive in my head for over 19 years.

Off and on, I have been working on the Suzan Frazier / Hob Hoberly novels, interrupted by the demands of executive jobs, large consulting assignments, and business writing. I have parts of 3 novels. Whenever I came back to working on a novel, Suzan and Hob had evolved in my head. I was intrigued by how they keep getting involved in new situations. The result was 3 partially finished novels.

I am now working on finishing all three. As I work on each book, I will put the latest installment up here on the web site. When a book is complete, I will pull its installments down.

Suzan is a consulting psychologist who works part time for police forces as a forensic psychologist and counselor to police personnel who have been traumatized by their involvement in violent events.

Hob Hoberly is a former police officer who now works as an investigator for insurance companies.

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“The Fourth of July Game” 
Four friends formed a ‘eleven capture quad’ as part of their involvement in high school role playing games. They still play their game. Once a year, they capture and keep a young woman as their ‘guest’ for a weekend in a remote location. They take Suzan, little realizing that she will turn out to have a much stronger reaction than any of their previous guests.

“The Hunt Club Premium”
is about horses, their carriage drivers, an unexpected death, and its consequences. Called in to investigate the insurance implications, Hob and Suzan uncover complicated family emotional connections, unsuspected murder, infidelity, and revenge.

“Shepherd’s Revenge”
Hob investigates the accidental death of 3 male family members that could lead to a 10 times payout on a multi-million dollar life insurance policy. When Hob suspects murder, he realizes that no one in the local police force will take him seriously. Suzan does. What do they do then?