Well coiffured gray hair
Tall frame, elegant neck
Soft small breasts
Cleanly framed by
An exquisite pale green sweater

Tailored jeans
Talking his eyes
Down over trim hips
And long legs to
Solid walking shoes

Eyes full of laughter
And the experience of
60 years or more of life

He was taken in instantly
And over the course
Of the workshop
Got to know her a little
She was smart
Friendly and organized
Helping move the workshop forward
With energy and grace

By the end of the day
He knew she was married
And traditional in her ways
He might see her again
When he volunteered
But the attraction flow
He wanted to happen
Between them
Never would

2 nights later
She invaded his dreams
She was, but was not,
There in his bed
Anything but restrained
She held him down
While she rode him
Facing him
Cowboy style
Head thrown back
Breasts thrust out
Hips moving
To her own beat
As she used him
For her satisfaction

“Your turn now”
And then she turned
Onto her knees and elbows
“I want you in me now
Let’s come together
Hard and fast”

So in his dreams
He did

When they finished
She curled into
His side and
Lay her head
On his chest

He woke up panting
Wet dream’s flow
Cold on his skin

Even though
It was not likely that
He would ever
See her again
She had given him
A gift he cherished

Shepherd's Revenge

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