last night I dreamed
that I had you tied down
on my bed
not something we have
ever done together

I padded your wrists and ankles
so the ropes which laid you out
on your back spread eagled wide
would not leave marks

and then
I did the things
that I knew
will take you
deep into sensual space
the touches which allow you
to forget about me
and just follow the sensations
that my fingers and mouth and palms
are causing
these things that I
never do to you

at least that is what I told myself
in my dream
since I do not have a direct
connect to your inner experience
and you were there
only in my dreaming

what I did have
was a dream
of your slowing moaning
and steadily twisting
as I bit your nipples
with my teeth
held your mons against my palm
stroked yous clit with my fingers
in my dream
that was enough
to allow me to go on
taking you steadily forward
to your release

and then came
my self congratulation
on being capable
of taking you there
strange how something
so about you
is really all about
so about me

strange how I can dream about it
but yet be embarrassed to ask you
if this is something
that we might share

so much to learn about me
so many ways in which
I have yet to risk
being vulnerable around you


Originally written in 2006

Shepherd's Revenge

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