Well, it is 2018. What happened? It is simple really. In 2013, my business failed. I ran out of money, had to sell the condo, caving in with the tax people. For a time, I struggled to survive. Each month, I was not sure where the food and rent money for the next month was coming from …

So I stopped writing fiction for years. I learned to live in the moment. I gave up on many things. My health took a bit of a hit too. I developed acid reflex. A dumb pill pushing doctor took me in was nothing a few tums would not fix. Well, they didn’t, and I ended up with scarring in my lower throat.

I learned a lot about how to survive.

Then in 2015, I lucked into an all consuming consulting assignment for 6 months as a CTO. It was well paid. I got some breathing room. I started to focus on more than survival from month to month.

Things are still not great, but I am in a better place. And low and behold, Suzan and Hob started to show up in my mind.

So let’s try this again.

First things first. I am updating the web site and moving it over to Word Press. Both Suzan and Hob are cheering me on in my mind.

Shepherd's Revenge

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