The Rules of the Game

Suzan waited quietly, watching the shadowed bars of sunlight move slowly across the floor and the bed. She marked time by the pace at which each bar moved across the floor and rolled up the opposite wall. She guessed that about an hour had passed since she first woke up. She could still feel a small dark hole of the fear deep below her stomach. But it stayed there. It remained within her control.

The door in the corner of the room opened slightly. A woman’s voice projected strongly into the room “Please stay where you are and do not move. We can see you without having to open the door. It’ll be better for all of us if we start this quietly.”

The door opened all the way. A brown haired woman, dressed in black jeans, black T-shirt, black sneakers, carrying a small gun pointed at Suzan walked into the room. Moving sideways carefully, without ever taking the gun off Suzan, she made her way to the far corner of the room. The lines of her clothing emphasized the compact, well-portioned, athletic nature of her body. Her T-shirt outlined small, well-formed, breasts, with their firm nipples standing out in the close fitting cotton. She was beautiful, in an eleven sense of that word.

Suzan thought to herself, “No chance to get to her, even if it was safe. The chain is just too short.” Suzan’s face and eyes remained passive and calm, not betraying the calculation within her.

Once the woman reached the far corner, she brought her second hand up to stabilize her shooting hand, planted her feet in a shooter’s stance and grinned. There was a glitter in her eyes.

“Predator”, thought Phyllis, a feeling reinforced by the sharpness of woman’s nose, and the framing that her short hair gave her face. “Maybe 5’ 2”, 110 pounds, and from way she looks and moves, I bet she is in good shape.”

Two men entered the room. The first man was blond, about 6’, compactly built. He wore dark sneakers, black tight fitting jeans with a wide black leather belt and a large oval bronze cowboy buckle. A black skin tight t-shirt was tucked in under the belt. He moved easily, lightly, as an athlete might. He went up to stand beside the woman with the gun, taking care to stay out of her line of fire. He looked over at her with pride.

The second man was much larger, probably over 6’, 4”. Also dressed in black sneakers, the same almost black jeans and a slightly washed out tight fitting black t-shirt. His shoulders were wide, and the muscles of his chest were sharply outlined by his T-shirt. He moved to stand halfway along the wall facing the bed. His eyes never left Suzan’s face. They held a kind of anticipation that she felt all the way down to the small black hole of fear waiting deep inside her. His rugged facial face features conveyed a sense of self-centeredness.

Phyllis entered the room. Her long legs were encased in skin tight black leather pants, legging like, decorated with a braided black line down the side of each pant leg. Black boots came up to her knees, each with the same type of elegant braiding down their sides. A black finely tailored sleeveless leather vest with braided lines of small decorations emphasized her heavy bust lines. Her wide shoulders supported Phyllis’ well formed head, with short cropped blond hair. Dark eyes watched Suzan carefully. Suzan could sense the aura of determination and dominations that she projected into the room.

Phyllis carried a coil of half inch white nylon rope in her right hand. She walked towards the foot of the bed. As she did so, the woman with the gun emphasized her shooter’s stance. Phyllis, sensing this, stopped, turned to look at the gun woman, and said “Relax, Zee. I don’t think our guest will do anything foolish until she has a better understanding of what is happening here. She assess before she acts.”

Phyllis continued to the foot of the bed and regarded Suzan for a moment or two, clearly waiting to see if Suzan would say anything. Suzan continued her controlled, slow breathing, hoping to disappoint her.

“Good morning, Suzan. I hope that by now your head has cleared. The drug I used last night has a tendency to leave you a bit dopey at first when you wake up. But it clears up quite nicely with a bit of air. Your breathing routine was the perfect antidote for it.”

Phyllis waited for Suzan to respond. Once again, Suzan said nothing, simply looking at Phyllis quietly, with no visible defiance.

“Here is what is going to happen now. I will introduce you to my friends. We will tell you why you are here. I will make clear that you have a great deal of control over what will happens on this weekend. You can go along with us and be home on Tuesday morning, really none for worse for wear. Or you do something foolish, try your marital arts skills on one or more of us, and we will bury your body in this lonely place where ever no one will every find it. You get to decide.”

Once again Phyllis stopped, waiting for Suzan’s reaction. Suzan kept her face neutral, maintaining the show rhythm of her breathing.

Phyllis went on. “First, you need to know that this is not a new game for us. We have done this before, successfully. Be smart like most of our previous guests and go home on Tuesday. Or be foolish, and your body can join that of one past guest who chose to try violence and resist.”

Phyllis turned to the other three. Gesturing towards the woman with the gun, she said “Zee is very good with that gun. I am more than competent.”

Then she motioned at each of the men, larger man first “Robert and Zack are quite capable of physically overpowering you. Robert will enjoy it. Zach just does. I am no slouch myself went it comes to being physical. We have dealt with marital arts types before, although not in the context of our weekend’s game. So we know what we are doing

Once again, Phyllis looked at Suzan, waiting for a response. This time, Suzan’s continuing silence provoked a small sign of anger from Phyllis. “Don’t play Miss Silent with me. I know you well enough to know that you are thinking, assessing. Acknowledge that you get what I am saying, or I’ll start to think that you are choosing to be foolish.”

Suzan nodded her head slightly to indicate that she had heard and understood what Phyllis had been said so far. Phyllis turned to her companions and continued. “I told you that this weekend would start much more quietly than it usually does.” Her posture relaxed slightly as she again faced Suzan.

“First, my playmates and their play names. By now, you will have figured out that Zee is the lady with the gun. Zack, standing beside her, is her partner. That leaves this big guy, Robert.” Each one nodded as Phyllis said their names.

“Now the purpose of this little get together. We are here to have fun, that is the four of us are. You are the person that we intend to have fun with. Whether you will have fun or not is up to you. One or two of our previous guests have surprised us by their enthusiastic participation over the course of the weekend. Others have been sullen all weekend. Every way, we will have fun. We will enjoy either you either way. We are into control. We have been for years, ever since we started doing this. I personally prefer having to force you to participate. Each of my friends each have their own tastes.”

Zee and Zack looked at one another, and shared a smile. “Remembering”, thought Suzan. Robert just leered at her. “Self oriented prick”, floated through Suzan’s mind.

“OK, now the rules. And there are rules. Let’s talk about the bathroom.”

Phyllis moved over to stand beside the door leading into it. “The bathroom is there for you under certain conditions. The door always stays open. When and if you use it, if you behave in a way that allows us to let you use it, we tie this rope to the chain on your ankle, and then unlock the chain from the bed frame. The rope stays on, no matter what you are doing in there. You can use the toilet, shower whatever, but the rope stays on and the other end of it will be in one of our hands. We sense anything foolish in there from you and you get dragged out by your ankle. If you behave, once you are back in here, the rope comes off, and the chain goes back on the bed frame. It stays on whenever you are in the bed without us in the room. Questions?”

Suzan nodded no.

“You get to use the bathroom morning, noon, and later at night – three times each day. All of this assumes that you behave. Any stupidness in there and you can just use a pail. Your choice.” Phyllis watched Suzan closely as she said this. Suzan responded quietly “Understood”.

Phyllis jerked back slightly at Suzan’s calm response. Turning towards the other three, Phyllis said, “You know her degree of self-control is beginning to concern me. I have spent time watching her during her a couple of her work outs, I don’t think understanding is not the same as agreeing for her. None of this is freaking her our much, unlike our previous guests. She is not just a player at this marital art thing. It is very real for her.”

Robert shrugged, “Doesn’t make any difference. She has got no choices here.” Zack looked at Zee. Zee asked Phyllis, “So what do you want to do about it, Phyllis?”

“Suzan is not our usual playmate. We are going to modify the rules a bit. No foursomes. Zee, you or I will always watching with the gun while we are playing with her. And she stays restrained in all our little sessions, ankle chain at least but more is better. Wrists bound to the head board bars or feet to the base board bar at least. She might be more dangerous than I thought when I picked her out. Also, Robert, find the wrist bracelets and the ankle spreader bar. I think we had better use them most of the weekend.”

Robert’s leer turned into a grim grin of anticipation. Zee sighed and seemed a little disappointed. Zach showed no sign either way.

Facing Suzan once more, Phyllis continued “We play over the weekend – today – Saturday, and Sunday and Monday. There will be breaks in between the play sessions, when you get a chance to rest. And you get to sleep each night.”

She pointed to the gray glass behind the 3 of them.

“But one of us will always be watching you, even though you cannot see us. It’s one way glass. If you are smart, and you don’t do anything foolish, you will be back on the street on Tuesday morning.. There will be no permanent marks, no physical damage to your body. It is your choice. And like our said, some of our previous guests have joined in with enthusiasm. We would not mind that either. But don’t think of it as a way to get us to take less care with you. Every time we play with you, you will be restrained.”

Phyllis stepped back, and observed Suzan very carefully for thirty seconds or so.

“Good, you get it.”

She turned slightly and gestured toward Zee. “Zee is our gun queen. She can take out a fly at this distance. She is the best of us, but I am just as capable of killing you with one shot when it is me with the gun. And either she or I will always be in the corner with the gun, until your are restrained. Try any violence of any kind when we are restraining you, and Zee or I will simply kill you. We needed to do that one time with one of our guests. Disappointing, but not something we are afraid todo. No back to your life on Tuesday morning. Just your body in lonely filled in hole covered by some rocks. You disappear. You need to tell me you understand this out loud, not just by nodding.”

Suzan had been carefully controlling her breathing till this point. Now she allowed it to speed up just slightly, aware that the three of them would catch the difference in her, even if only sub-consciously. She said “I get it Phyllis. You are prepared to kill me if I get violent with one or more of you.” Suzan allowed her voice to quiver a tiny bit over the word kill.

Phyllis went on “We can always find another playmate at some other time if you get stupid. The purpose to this weekend is our kind of play. We are into our kind of play. It may not be consensual, but we want to keep it safe for you, with no permanent damage or marking. That is best for you and for us. Whether or not that happens is up to you.”

Phyllis stopped once more, assessing Suzan. Phyllis continued. “If you behave and go along with the game, you will get fed, and get to use the bathroom. You find towels, plastic glasses, soap and toilet paper in there, but that is all. When we feed you, it’s all plastic tools and paper plates. There will be nothing to tempt you to be stupid.”

She stopped again. By now, Suzan realized that Phyllis’s speeches were not spontaneous. There was an experienced quality to them, conveyed by their clearness and their organization which spoke of previous repetition.

“Mind you, you don’t need respond freely when we play. Part of it for us is us forcing our will on you. Or you can join in when your get a chance. Either way is ok with us. But we think of this as the prisoner game.”

Zee spoke up sharply from her corner of the room. “Phyllis, are you sure about her? She just watches us, and her face does not change much. The others all showed some signs of panic or fear by now.”

“Oh, she gets it all right”, responded Phyllis. “Unlike our previous playmates, Suzan here has an unusual degree of self control. But look at her. She is oh so god damn gorgeous. We will just have to be careful not to get sucked into leaving her loose at any point. She will also need to be restrained, at least by that ankle chain, What a challenging prisoner she is going to be. We have handled tough prisoners before during our time in the Game. We will do it again. This all just adds extra spice for me. It will for you as well.”

Phyllis’s eyes had never felt Suzan during this exchange. “But let’s start a little differently than we usually do. I think Suzan needs to experience Rob’s particular brand of passion first. Robert, go get the wrist restraints and ankle spreader now, please. Her toilet and breakfast can wait.”

Suzan reacted to Phyllis’s words by sitting up quickly. The duvet fell forward. Her hair spilled forward over her shoulders, partially covering her breasts. Rob’s breath sucked in and his leer deepened in anticipation He took a step towards the bed.

“Rob, go, ” said Phyllis, chuckling. He left the room.

Then she addressed Suzan. “Remember, behave or spend the weekend in that bed, with only the pail and water. I meant what I said. Behave, and you get to go home unmarked and safe. We both know that as long as we do not anything which will physically damage or scar you, you will be able to deal with what you think is the worst that can happen this weekend. And we don’t intend not physically damage or permanently mark you. These three are not really into pain. I can control my need for it. So if things get violent, it will be because you have started it. Do, you will simply end up dead.”

Suzan responded, “Right, Phyllis. No violence unless I come to believe that I am going to be damaged or killed. But if I need to get violent, I will kill at least one or more of you, even if you end up killing me. I will not be dead alone. I will take you at your word. Take me at mine. Now, I need the toilet now before anything else. And I want some water. Breakfast can wait.”

Phyllis nodded. “When Robert gets back, we put on the wrist restraints and the foot rope. Then you get to use the bathroom. You can drink in there. The water from the sink taps and shower in there is same as it is throughout the house, safe to drink. The water used in the toilet is not.”

She turned to Zee. “Once she has finished in there, we put on the wrist restraints and use the spread bar on her ankles, I will take the gun and stay with Robert. You two, can either stay and watch or come back later this morning for your first go.”

Zee smiled at Zach, “Let’s watch, but do it from behind the one way, so I can do what I want so if I get hot by what I see.” He nodded his agreement.

Rob came back in carrying two black leather wrist cuffs, holding them in one hand by the short thick chain which linked them together. In his other hand, he carried a 3 foot length of pipe with solid rings welded to each end. Similar leather grips were attached to each of the rings. “I picked out wrist and ankle cuffs which I am sure will fit her snugly.”

Phyllis took control. “OK, Suzan, sit up on your knees, with your hands held up in front. Move down the bed so we can put the wrist restraints on before we free the ankle chain from the bed. Once that is done, I will tie the rope to the end of the ankle chain. Then, you get to use the bathroom.”

Suzan did as she had been told.

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