Six Coins

“Ren, turn that damn computer off. We have Sunday all day to make the delivery deadline. I brought home sushi. I am opening the bottle of that Chilean Chablis you put in the fridge.”

Peter’s shout caught her typing in mid-word. He was right.

Ren hit save, and turned off the computer. She went to the stereo cabinet and put on the Lorenna McKennit Spanish Alhambra concert they both liked so much – the first 2 CDs in the five  CD changer  – then added three of Charles Tatum’s solo CDs. Somehow, she did not think tonight would be a movie night.

She walked in to the kitchen. Peter had put the take out sushi on serving plates, laid out their  personal sushi trays, their favorite chop sticks, the ginger, the soy and the wasabi. He was just pouring the wine. There was a small bag velvet bag on her sushi tray.

“What’s that Pete? Is it for before supper or after? And it better not be jewelry. We agreed jewelry only on my birthday and at Christmas.”

Pete laughed out loud. “If it is for before supper, you might not get supper. So after will do fine.” He walked over to her, took her face into his hands, and kissed her, opening her lips and pushing his tongue deep until it found hers. She responded by pushing her body into his, feeling his aroused penis grow steadily harder against her genitals.

“You really think that I would risk your wrath by breaking our agreement. No jewelry for you except for your birthday and Christmas. No camera toys for me except for mine and Christmas. Our agreement stands.”

“OK, sushi first though. Let’s talk about how we finish up this contract on Sunday so we can deliver to the client on Monday. Then no more work till Sunday. After supper, we will open your little black bag.”

Oscar’s tail thumped loudly on the floor under the table. He knew that there would be sushi for him – the fish part without the rice. Oscar was definitely a sashimi dog.

Ren put the little black bag onto the far side of the table. Then, using her chop sticks, she laid out the first round of sushi on their personal trays – most fish for him, mostly vegetarian for her.

When they put the dishes in the dishwater, she poured them each  a splash more wine.

“What’s in the little black bag, Pete?”

“Remember how we talked about get creative about bondage without using ropes and such. Well, maybe I have found a way to do so – a way of binding you up without tying you down. Have a look, and I will tell you how it works.”

Ren pulled open the draw strings and poured six bright silver coins into her left hand. She looked at Pete quizzedly.

“Yep, foreign I know, but cheap because they are no longer being used as real currency.  I polished them up nice and new.”

“So what do these coins have to do bondage and tying me up?”

Peter reached over and picked up a coin. He put it in between the index and mid finger of his left hand, holding it there by the pressure of his two fingers.

“Well, you put one coin between each pair of the four main fingers on each hand like this, see. You hold them there by pressure alone. If you let them all drop, it is an instant red safeword. Everything stops. “

Ren took the coin from him and put between the first and second fingers of her left hand. She added two more between the second and third, and the third and fourth fingers. Holding them, she looked at him, a bit stymied.

“No ropes, but still a clear message that you are letting the other person be in control. You can’t use your hands to do much once you are holding the coins. Of course, we get all nice and naked and go to the bedroom before you do this. Game?”

Ren picked up another coin with her right hand. She realized that she could not put in between her right hand fingers without help. She looked at him.

“Yes, your partner has to help you get the three coins between the four fingers of your other hand. That is the beginning of you accepting that your partner will be in control of what follows.”

“How did you get the idea, Pete?”

Peter grimaced and said “Wish as Mr. Hot Shot e-learning creative designer I could say that I have thought about it myself. No such luck. I got the idea from a story on the Clean Sheets erotic web site that I was reading. So game to try?”

“Put the other three coins in my right hand and let me see what it feels like first.”

When Peter had done so, Ren waved her hands about as she walked around the kitchen.

“I have to think about doing holding my hands closed. Wouldn’t that defeat the purpose –  distract me from what you were doing to me?”

“Not really, Ren. Muscle memory should kick in quickly. Besides, it keeps you from thinking about what you might do to me, and just lets you flow with what is happening to you. At least, that is the idea in the story on Clean Sheets.”

Ren laughed, “OK, I’m game. Let me walk Oscar first. Want to come with me?”

Oscar,  well content with his share of the sushi, bounded out from under the table when he head the word walk.

Once they were back home, Peter headed into the living room, shut off the stereo, taking the Alahambra CD’s up to their bedroom. Ren went upstairs to their bedroom.

When he walked in, he found Ren on the bed, lying on her back, the black velvet bag on her stomach the only cloth to grace her nudity. Peter, as always aroused by the energy in her lean, athletic body, walked over, leaned down and kissed her gently.

“Oh help. please with my six coins, oh please kind sir!”

Peter smiled as he took the time to start the stereo, setting it to recycle. Oscar settled into his bed in the corner of their bedroom. He was mostly thoroughly put off by his humans’ sexual activities, which he found boring in the extreme.

Peter took off his clothes. Ren had turned on her side, watching him closely. They liked watching the other undress. Knowing this, Peter took off and put down his clothes as gracefully as he could. Her sign of contentment told him that he had succeeded in pleasing her. His penis started in swell and rise in anticipation

Ren laid down in the center of the bed, stretching her arms out to the side of the bed.

“I think this position will work, at least for the start of things. Help me with the coins, please.”

Once she had the six coins between her fingers, Peter put the black velvet bag on the dresser. Then he slid onto the bed beside her. He turned on his side.

He started by kissing her softly, letting the energy of his growing arousal flow from his lips to hers. He felt her mouth beginning to open. He pulled back.

“No, Ren, the idea is that you let me lead us. By opening your mouth, you are moving us forward to what you want to do. Whenever you take the lead tonight, I am simply going to pull back till you give me back control.”

She sighed and closed her eyes. She took a deep breath. She extended her arms out again, and pushed her legs down to the foot of the bed, easing the tension in her back. He watched and waiting for her to control her tendency to take control.

“OK Pete, see the coins are still between my fingers, so I have not said no.”

He kissed her again. This time, she waited for him to take her lower lip in between his.  Slowly and gently, he rolled her lower lip back and forth. Inside her head, she fought her wanting to take over, to guide them in the kissing and tongue gymnastics she so enjoyed. She concentrated on the feeling of the coins between her fingers, letting her mind fill with the feeling of them.

Pete moved his lips to her eyes, kissing each one gently. He nibbled bottom of her near side ear, first kissing it, and then tugging gently on it with his teeth, a move that he knew sent thrills down her spine.

. She turned on her side towards him, carefully making sure that she could continue to hold the coins. He shifted, creating the space she needed to nestle her bottom arm in the space below his head on the pillow. He placed his upper hand on her hip, softly stroking the skin there. He kissed her again, this time opening his lips slowly so that she, following, opened hers.

Peter starting the dance they both loved, placed his upper hand on her top breast. They always slowly swelled when they kissed. Feeling this happen always filled him with amazement and joy. She loved kissing, and then usually spent a fair amount to time doing so, until eventually, he just had to took hold of her nipple and move them on.

Ren realized that Peter had been right. She needed to think less and less about holding onto the coins. Her fingers just held them in place as her response to Peter’s touch grew and grew.

She also became aware of how much she normally guided their interaction during sex. She saw that she constantly used the touch of her hands to tell him where she wanted him to go next. Holding the coins was giving her insight into how much she was normally into control. Holding the coins made her realize that many times in their love making, she decided what they did next. No wonder Peter was looking for some way in which he could be in control.

Peter deepened their kissing. Then Ren felt the first brush of his fingers on her upper nipple. Then he took it between the nails of his thumb and forefinger, and started to exert pressure. She reacted instantly, feeling the heat of her pain- pleasure arch down through her to her clit. The sharp feeling filled her with anticipating hope. She could feel her inner moisture begin to make its way through her lower lips.

Peter’s lips stroked the side of her neck, finding the spots where she liked to be kissed. As he do so, he changed the way her handled her nipple moving from slowly stretching and rolling it to taking it between the nails of thumb and forefinger, pinching it between them.  Ren moaned. She wanted him to handle her other nipple in the same way. Normally, she would turn so that he could get to it, pushing her other breast into his other hand. This time she did not. She just rode the increasing energy as he continued to shift from rolling to pinching the one nipple, She thought about the coins as she rode the upward surge of pain-pleasure as he increased the degree of what he was doing.

Ren sighed. “Pete’, she whispered, “can I roll onto my back. I want to get pressure of my shoulder.”

He looked at her, realizing that she had asked, when normally she would have just moved.


Peter rolled up out of her way. She moved her arms, turning on her back while keeping hold of the coins. He reached down and took hold of her other nipple, which was now closest to him He moved from rolling it to pinching it between his nails, once more gradually the strength with which he did both. He watched her close her eyes, roll her head back slightly, and increase the strength with which she was holding on the coins.

He could smell her moisture easing out of her inner core. He knew that if he reached down to her lower lips, he would find a slow oozing down out of them unto the sheets below/ By now the intensity of his nail pressure on her nipple was severe, but she just seemed to ride what she was feeling in response and dive deeper into her self, transforming the pain into pleasure. He realized that he did not want to increase his finger pressure any futher.

Peter moved his hands so he could stroke the sides of her breasts. Then he covered each breast with one of his hands, kneading her hard nipples into her into her firmness. He kneaded strongly. Her breasts swelled even more in response. He saw that her whole upper chest was beginning to redden, to warm and to glow.

Peter took her closest nipple in between his lips, slowly sucking, stroking with his tongue. He wanted to ease what she was feeling. Then he reached over and did the same to the other one.

Ren at first felt a tinge of disappointment, as the intensity of what she was feeling diminished. Then she relaxed, letting herself flow into the softness of his mouth and tongue easing the pain portion of what she had been feeling.

Peter pushed the nipple in his mouth against the inside of his upper teeth, using his tongue and lips to roll it along them. Then he caught the nipple between his teeth, sliding them along it, incrementally increasing the pressure he was exerting on it. He felt Ren roll her head back and arch her back in response.

Ren loved being caught on this pain / pleasure boundary. When Pete was good, and today her was oh so good, her pain threshold would go higher and higher and he could exert more and more pressure without tipping her over into real pain.

As he did so, she lost sense of her external. Time became centered in the movement from inner sensation to sensation, the deepening and spreading of warmth and heat throughout her whole body, the flowing of blood which engorged her breasts and her lower lips. She could feel her clitoris harden and swell into it was part of her aching whole.

Peter changed breasts, fingers replacing teeth on one, and teeth and lips replacing fingers on the other.

Peter had never felt this in control before with being with Ren sexually. He always felt like she chose and subtly guided what happened next. Although His whole being was focused on her, on doing to her what he wanted  to do to her, but at the same he realized that what he wanted to do was completing coming of his need to give, to take her deeper and deeper into what she was feeling. He was hyper aware of her responses to how he touched her. Time slowed. For the first time ever, he felt like what he did next sexually was all up to him. He was guided by her reactions but not by her movements. He did not feel like he normally did with he was Ren, guided by her hands and her body and her voice to doing what she wanted him to do next. This time, everything was all his choice.

His intent was clear: take her to the edge  of orgasm more than once before he led her over the edge of chasm into full release. He knew the signs that signaled approaching orgasm in her  – the growing tension in her thighs and buttocks and the increased depth and jerkiness of her breathing. This time, each time he sensed those signs, he intended to back off, to slow down, to bring her back from the edge. He wanted to see how many times he could do this. He could see that his nipple play was bringing her close. So he backed off, hands on her stomach and thigh as she eased back down the slope of release.

Peter moved his upper hand to cover the mound at the front of her leg’s. Ren kept her pubic hair short, a soft covering rather than a bushy growth. He touched outer lips every so softly with his finger tips, not wanting to provoke but just feel the state of her arousal.

When Peter first touched her labia, Ren was aware that the energy flows within her somehow changed their direction and flow. Now they spread out from her genitals, no longer moving towards them. She was falling deeper and deeper inside herself her state of arousal, leaving her awareness of the outside world farther and farther behind.

She had arched her back and felt the tense energy growing in the muscles of the backs of her thighs as Peter’s play with her nipple went on and on. Then, as he drew back, and moved his hand to gently stroke her on her outer lips, she could feel this tension lower, Her back eased out of its arch back down on the sheets. His feather light touch was enough to keep her at her current level of arousal, but not enough to drive her on. She felt like she was suspended for a moment, and then felt herself climb oi[ slowly, steadily to another level of intensity.

Peter sensed that Ren was more contained and  had moved up to another level of arousal.  he started up again. He moved so that he could slide his lower hand down under her butt. He placed it so that his fingers were ready to touch and to stoke the skin reaching down from the point where the back of her lower lips joined to the point at which her anus began.

With his other hand, he slowly spread out his fingers, so that her outer lips opened slowly, Now he could  slide his middle finger to touch the moist pinkness of her inner lips. He started to stroke carefully in both places, coordinating the pace, watching her reaction to his new moves.

Peter of what happening with Ren deepened again. He felt connected to her through his fingers and hands in a way that he had never been connected to her before. Now he was doing with her, where before today he had always done to her. He He felt like he too had moved up a level in his ability to sense was was happening with her, just as she had moved up to a new level of arousal.

As he stroked her inner lips, he felt her inner moisture growing, flowing, lubricating his strokes. Ren’s neck and back arched again, but it was a slow, gentle arching that he felt no need to slow. As he continued to slowly stroke her, he saw the most wonderful thing.  Her clitoris was rising up out its covering hood, something he had never see it do before: lengthening, thickening, flushing red, and reaching up for more.

He slowed his strokes, lightening each stroke’s pressure on her till he slow touch Slowly, gentling her though the pace of his movements, he spread her legs wide,positioning himself so that he could touch bring his mouth to her clitoris.

Ren was all inner focused sensation. It increased, it speed up, it slowed down, it lessened, but his touch on any part of her body spread out to every part and into her core. She knew the coins where still between her fingers, but was no longer thinking about holding them there.

She had felt her clitoris slowly emerge. She had felt the heat in it. Normally, it was painfully sensitive, and she did not enjoy anything but the lightest of touch on it. Somehow, she sensed that this time things were different.

Peter surrounded her erect clit with his lips.  He started by just breathing, imagining that the movement of the energy cycling between them was doing so in the same way that their breath cycled between them when they kissed. Then he took her clitoris slowly, carefully between his teeth, testing her response, seeing if she was ready for more.

Ren’s back arched in response, a single movement which pitched her up a level in sensation without moving her forward on the path of release. The arch in her neck increased to the point where her eyes where pointed backwards. Peter slowly reached out with his tongue and began the first slow tentative full stroke against the top of her clitoris, while gently holding the shaft of it between his teeth..

Each stroke of his tongue was just a little bit firmer, and a small amount faster than the one before. With each stroke, he increased the pressure of his teeth against her clitoral shaft just a minute amount, never biting, always just holding. Each time, he felt her clit pulse in response. Peter He was searching for the perfect pressure and pace that would lead her to her final release. Ren gave a small gasp, slight increase in her thigh’s muscular tension increased sharply, the arch of her back spasmed sharply. Peter stroked her clit with his tongue once more, and then just carefully held her clit between his lips as she shuddered, and shuddered, and kept shuddering in orgasm.

When Ren’s release came, the energy came from deep inside of her and spread throughout her whole body. She peaked, and then felt like the peaking again and again. She lost all sense of anything outside of her.

Peter could feel the fluctuating vibrations in the muscles outlining her vagina and underlying her clitoris. They spread outward into her buttocks, through them into her back and thighs, and finally out through her whole body. They went on and on, and while they lasted he lost all sense of external time, connecting completely to her in a way mentally and physically that he had never experienced before.

Ren opened her eyes and looked over at him. He was laying  on his side. She was on her side too. She did not remember turning on her side. Her lower body was curled against his. Her chest and breasts were slightly away from his chest. Her hands were clutched in his, in the space there between them.

“How long have I been like this?”

“A few minutes, I think. I liked watching you slowing came back from wherever you were.”

“I lost all sense of myself without losing awareness of myself. It was grand, Peter. Thanks for taking me there. It was not quite anything I have every experienced before.”

Peter smiled at her.

She closed her eyes. He could sense that she was drifting back onto the memory of it. He was content. feeling that he had being able to give to her in a way that opened up new possibilities for both him and her.

After a while, she opened her eyes again and asked “Where are the coins?”

“There are two in the sheets, and four on the floor.”

“I thought you were supposed to stop if I let them go.”

“That’s if you decided to let them go. Somehow, I don’t think you decided to do so. It just happened.

Ren smiled shyly in response.

“I want do this again. But only as part of the way that we have sex. It is an adding to, not a replacing of, I think. I like giving up control.”

She stopped, and pressed herself against him, hands sliding to curl around him. She whispered into his ear.

Peter moved so that he could kiss her softly, gently, the kiss an acceptance of what she had said and a looking forward to it all.

When he drew back, she asked  brightly, “So when do you get to hold the coins?”

Ren laughed out loud as he rolled off the bed. She was treated to the sight of his butt, which she liked so much, high in the air as he scrambled on his hands and knees to find the four coins on the floor.

Oscar groaned on his bed, lost in a dream of his own.


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