(Inspired by a picture on Internet
Which brought this memory)

walking into the room
I am entranced by the lines
of your bare back flowing from
the top of your jeans
to the curves of your neck
and the soft dark curls of your hair
which framed it

You turn
and the lines of your smile
and the sparkle of joy in your eyes
start a stirring deep inside me
a stirring that vibrates my soul

I walk toward you
You reach out with your hands
your nipples bud out toward me
your welcome turns
the stirring inside me
to a throbbing
that curls my blood
stiffens my penis
confirms my manhood

I take your hands in mine
and twist them behind your back
pinning your arms
below your shoulders
pulling you against me
snuggling your loin against mine
thrusting my genitals against yours

Your smile deepens
a sigh slides out
from between your lips
as your head tilts up
to keep our eye to eye flow

Reaching down
I touch your lips with mine
fullness and warmth
your responsive softening
slowly opens our lips
so that our tongues
begin the dancing
the playful intertwining
and our breath flows
from each into the other
deepening the throbbing
in us both

Heat surges
between our loins
I sense the dampness
moving towards your thong
my briefs holding a damp spot of pre-come

Our tongue dance deepens
one of your arms moves
signaling me to let go
I drop my hands to your hips
and let my need for you
sigh into your mouth

Swiftly, fiercely
without breaking our connected loins
you divest me of my shirt
laying your chest’s skin onto mine

The hard buds of your nipples
burn into me
pushed there by
the warm softness of your breasts
hard small crowns
on the throne of your being

As our tongues and lips dance
as do our bodies rock back and forth
there is a not quite grinding
at our loins
but we are
oh oh so close
energy building
flowing back and forth
cycling us into one

Your tongue slows
I move my head back
and see the mischief
twinkling in your eyes
you know how much
I am moved by the sight
of you in jeans only

I respond to your mischief
spinning you round
pinning your back
against my chest
pushing my hardness
against your bum’s firm enfold

My right hand reaches down
my fingers open your zipper
I reach in and push out
the soft cotton of your thong
beneath the tip of my forefinger
I feel your clitoris
pocking out of its hooded home
my finger tip moves
gently, relentlessly
over, besides, under, across
curling and stroking
searching for
today’s pace and pressure
that will move you forward
to the place
for which we both long

I find it
not as hard as some days
not as soft as most
today’s pace and connection
signaled by your sigh
and your head
folding back against my shoulder
your eyes rolling
as you begin to boil
then from inside us
comes the slow welling of your O
the shuddering which moves us
both to a resting place beyond our flow

I hold you
grateful for the way
in which you have just
affirmed our connection
and our life’s energy flow

Shepherd's Revenge

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