It has been two years since I updated this site. It is not that I have stopped thinking about writing. It is just that I wrote a lot of things other than fiction. You can find my non-fiction writing and my e-learning content development on my personal website

The balance in my life is starting to change. I have started to work on the Hob Hoberly / Suzan Frazier series of novels again.

There have been a number of changes in my life that allow me to come back to the joy, as well as the work, of writing fiction.

The changes:

  1. With the changes in my personal life, I no longer need to keep the fiction writing part of my life seperate from the rest of my life. I will keep writing the Hob Hoberly / Suzan Frazier novels as Dirk Iver. I want to maintain a distinction between my non-fiction and fiction work.The main thing that has changed is that I am no longer the committed partner of a person who had difficulty with the kind of fiction writing I like doing. Some of the research that I did also deeply bothered her. As long as I was her committed partner, her reaction was something that I took into account as I shaped my life. I do not do so any longer, since we are formally separated.
  2. More and more, I think of the Hob Hoberly / Suzan Frazier novels as a series. I now have treatments for 4 novels. I am working on writing one. But having the treatments for the other novels allows me to have a much clearer sense of my characters and their relationships to one another.
  3.  My characters seem to have an level of life in my subconscious that shows up in my dreams. In one of these dreams I received the message, in no uncertain terms, that her name was spelled Suzan.
  4. As I work on the current novels in among every thing else that I am doing, I will be keeping up my Dirk Iver blog. I will also post parts of the novel that I am working on this site. But since, once I have an outline, I do not necessarily write all of the pieces in the order in which they will appear in the novel, you may have to do some serious guessing to figure out what goes where. Using 

Mostly, I am at the point where fiction writing is an enormous amount of fun, as well as real work, and often hard work. But I am very glad that I am finally there, after being away from this for almost 2 years.

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