I write about writing.

I write about writers and books.

I write about movie makers and movies.

When I write about these things, I post the results in this blog.

I hope you find these posts interesting.

Recent Posts

Pricing E-Books- The Way I Approach Setting A Price

I spent some time on reformatting some of my new fiction books for distribution on Kindle Direct Publishing and Payhip …
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Handling Back Story Needs

I’ve been struggling with the back story elements of the Fourth of July Game. I got about 15,000 words of rough …
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Money is the darnest thing ….

Well, it is 2018. What happened? It is simple really. In 2013, my business failed. I ran out of money, …
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September 2014 – Back to the Joy

It has been two years since I updated this site. It is not that I have stopped thinking about writing …
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The Last Two Years: Living Sometimes Pushes Writing to One Side

After the Separation – June 2010 Lots of things have gotten in the way of writing in the last year …
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Learning about writing from interacting with other writers

I have just spent two days at Barbara Kyle’s Master Class “Your Novel in Workshop” at the Toronto Writer’s Center. Ten writers, all …
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Aren’t Subplots Wonderful?

One of the things that I have been struggling with in my first draft is long narrative passages that explain …
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Is Sex Necessary?

Barbara Kyle’s latest e-mail newsletter provoked these thoughts for me. Is sex necessary when writing fiction? It depends on the …
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Research for writing before Google

In the last four weeks, I have done a considerable amount of research in support of various parts of a …
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Writing about things you don’t know about

In the last week, I have been trying to live inside one of my major characters, detailing his life so …
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