You have entered the Internet extension of my writing room - it is back there in the light.

Me and My PC

I write on a PC located in the writing room in the back of the door you see above. Because I have been around computers for years, and around the Internet since the mid 1990s, I find it easy to share parts of what I am doing with you. Work in progress and background material be placed on in this Internet extension of my writing room from time to time.

I have discovered that writing a novel is always also a journey of personal growth. So I will keep a blog on this site that shares what I am thinking and feeling as I write these books.

Usually, I am working on 1 novel at a time, and thinking about others in the series at the same time. But I also need to make a living, which I do as a consultant. That gets in the way of writing but that is the way things are. I write as part of my business work too, but it is stuff about work place psychology and management. I also design and build e-learning programs. You can find this writing here.

Don't expect things to be too tidy in this Internet space - my working space is usually pretty jumbled. But I will keep the links on this site easy for you to use.

The greatest gift that I as writer can receive from you is feedback on my work in progress. If you want tell me what you think about it, please send me your thoughts and reactions by going to the Contacting Dirk page.

The material on this site is all copyrighted. You have permission to read it, either here or on a paper copy that you print for your own enjoyment. Don't claim it as your own. Don't sell it to others. Just enjoy it.

Once a book is complete, I will pull the material about it off the site. You will have to pay to get it then. After all, I still need to pay bills.

I am playing with the idea of putting up a "read by subscription" service here. Charles Dickens did it. Dickens had it easy. He just sell newspapers and subscriber letters. I have to figure out how to use PayPal, and Mail Chimp and other pieces of software. But by the time it is done, it will be easy for you to get what you want to read in your e-mail in-box. More on this to come ... .

Have fun ... ...


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